Greece | Part 3: Low Expectations

Bryson and I have this saying, “Low expectations = High joy!”. It just means when you aren’t expecting something to be great, then it leaves you lots of room to be pleasantly surprised when it turns out to be good. Athens, Greece is a perfect example of this. I had SUPER low expectations of Athens because I have heard from many friends that it is…well…crappy. Bryson worked our flight so we would have one day & night in Athens so I could fulfill a childhood dream of seeing the Acropolis. Because my expectations were so low, I actually ended up really enjoying our time in Athens! We stayed in an awesome boutique hotel called the NEW HOTEL. The design and style of the hotel was incredible! For a design geek like me it was jaw-dropping awesome. The hotel was in a great central location so we were able to see everything in the short time we were in the city. The Acropolis was awesome, but the highlight of the trip was a dinner we had on a rooftop restaurant called Attikos. If you EVER go to Athens you MUST eat here. Repeat after me, “I WILL EAT AT ATTIKOS WHEN I VISIT ATHENS.” You will not regret it. The restaurant is a “locals only” kind of place, tucked away from tourist hustle and bustle, but sits just below the Acropolis with a PEFECT view of the Parthenon lit up at night. Not only is the view INCREDIBLE, but the food is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The combination of both the location and the fresh delicious food makes for one of the most memorable dinners of my life. Bryson and I will be talking about this meal for a very long time.

The other big surprise of Athens was the new Acropolis Museum that opened about a year ago. I’ve seen a lot of museums and it blows the competition away. It is stunning, simple, and brilliant in design and layout. I’m a huge fan! It is built above ancient ruins (I guess most of Athens is) so sections of the floor are clear glass so you can see the excavation happening below. Brilliant!

We also loved the central market, came across a great antique wonderland (there are no other words to describe it! It was like my grandfathers attic x 1,000. Crazy full of treasures stacked to the ceiling! Of course I loved it!), and a few other local spots along the way.

So, if you ever have 24 hours in Athens, Greece stay at NEW Hotel, eat at Attikos, and go to the Acropolis Museum. You will not be disappointed (or maybe you will now that I’ve gotten your expectations up so high. Go back and read the first paragraph of this post and adopt our mantra).

Free breakfast at NEW Hotel. Fresh baked croissants, eggs to order, cappuccinos, and fresh squeezed OJ. Yes please! Take that Hampton Inn.

Highest point in Athens looking over the city and Acropolis.


The Researcher.


The view from inside the Acropolis Museum…

Eat here. Trust me.

The view from our table. Hello Parthenon!

This makes me very hungry.



Athens at night (much more beautiful than Athens by day.)


3 thoughts on “Greece | Part 3: Low Expectations

  1. Loved, loved these!! So glad we got to see beautiful pics & get a glimpse of this amazing trip!!The Hills are So happy for y’all! ( and… go Bryson! You ROCKED this one!)

  2. Emily you looked so beautiful in Athens!! Greece suits you 🙂 Can’t wait to try out that restaurant when I visit one day 😀

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