Greece | Part 2: The Romantic

My husband is a romantic. He plays it off like he’s not, but trust me, he is…and I LOVE IT! Let me just brag about my man for a second. Not only did he plan the entire trip, research every dining option (amazing food!!), find us a steal of a deal on a hotel, and book our flights, he also planned a super romantic “surprise project” for us to complete on our trip.

Each meal Bryson would bring to the table a stack of photos that represented one of our top 10 moments of our married life. I’ll spare you the details, but it was everything from the birth of our children, to places we have traveled, to memorable moments we have shared on our journey together. It was so fun to “remember” all we have accomplished together. We wrote on the back of each picture noting the details of what the photo represented to us. That in itself was super romantic, but Bryson took it up a notch (because that’s the kind of guy he is!). On our last day in Santorini we wrote a letter to each other and a letter to our children and their future spouses. We then bundled the photos, letters, and a few other small treasures and placed them in a waterproof time capsule that Bryson had brought from home. We jumped in our smart car and spent the day searching the island for the perfect place to bury the treasure! We found the perfect spot. On our children’s wedding day we will give them the GPS coordinates where the treasure is buried so they and their spouse can travel to Santorini and dig it up! ROMANTIC!! We had so much fun!! Bryson even brought a folding camping shovel from home to bury the treasure! The “project” was so special to me and such a blessing to my heart. I love thinking about my kids and their spouses digging up the “treasure” on the other side of the world some 20 years from now. There is so much hope represented in that little box. So many prayers and dreams for my children and their children. It is powerful to write out those prayers, hopes, and dreams on paper and believe God to honor and answer those prayers! Powerful. Priceless.

(It’s okay, you can steal the idea…I know you want to and I would love for you to do a similar project! Even if you just bury a treasure somewhere in your hometown or in your back yard. It is so powerful and beautiful!)

I love how well my husband loves me! I believe the best is yet to come for us and I am so grateful that I’m the girl who gets to stand by his side on the ride of life. Blessed.


3 thoughts on “Greece | Part 2: The Romantic

  1. This is probably the coolest and most thoughtful “project” EVER! I love it and totally want to copy it!!! I just love the idea of your kids and their spouses tracking down those prayers!!!

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