The kids and I…

(L to R: Evyn, Xavier, Nash, Meyer, Charis, Isaiah)

The kids and I are spending the week in West Virginia visting my family while Bryson hops around Africa. My sister Olivia and her 3 little people also joined us for a few days. As usual, it has been pure chaos and pure fun. Nash and Xavier are inseparable! Meyer is happy as usual. Isaish has such red hair, I’m not sure where he came from. Charis is such a little mama. And Evyn is full of silliness as usual. Such fun days! Warning…I love taking pictures of these little people when they are all together, so there are A LOT of pictures!


Nash and Isaiah.

Livvy, Isaiah, and Charis

This one makes me laugh! Poor baby Isaiah!

Meyer loves running in the yard! She stayed up 2 hours past her bedtime last night just running around and rolling in the grass.

Nash and Xavier wrestling and playing. Such boys!

Toni’s Ice Cream…a Clarksburg staple.

“Xavier is my very best friend.” -Nash age 4

Fishing and catching frogs with Uncle Seth.

Baby Isaiah and Livvy…

Excellent running form, Nash.

Such a sweet face!


Playing and running in the yard. JOY!

Laughter is good for the soul.

Baby Isaiah…check out that RED hair!!

Relaxing and eating s’mores

My favorite picture of the trip! The boys and their “adventure backpacks”. #memories.


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