Thank you…

Here is a beautiful video that Bryson helped create to say THANK YOU to all the students from Passion for giving $3.3 Million to fund projects fighting slavery around the globe. It is really powerful! Check it out and make sure you have a tissue handy…



If you loved that song on the video, it’s called Sing Along by Christy Nockels. Amazing, right?! She just released an album called Into the Glorious and it is BEAUTIFUL. For real. It is so so amazing. The songs are so God breathed and full of Truth. It’s been on repeat for a week now and will be for some time! If you don’t have this album…GET ONE! Like, now. Really. Each song has so much depth and truth about it — it has encouraged my heart so much already. Christy recently wrote a cool blog post about how the song Sing Along came about. I love how the Lord is in all the details and was connecting her heart to what was already stirring in our hearts as we planned to make Freedom the focus of Passion 2012. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. CHRISTY’S BLOG POST

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