Greatest day in history…

Death is beaten! You have set us free!

I love Easter! I love celebrating Jesus! It was a great weekend around here. We had an amazing Good Friday service with our church family, then hosted an Easter picnic with some friends and family on Saturday, and finished off the weekend back at church celebrating Easter.

Here are a few pics of the little people in their Sunday best….

So much joy on Easter!! Thank you Jesus!!

love Meyer's laugh in this picture!


Meyer looks like a pink pilgrim in this dress! SOOOO southern. Once a year I subject my girls to these southern dresses that are so popular here in Atlanta. Smocked and all (so not my style — but cute on the girls) We had a hiccup with Evyn’s dress this year — I forgot to try it on her before Easter morning (oops.) and when I put it on her this morning you could see straight through it! So, we had a last minute dress change and she is actually wearing one of Meyer’s dresses (24 month size!) She looks beautiful in white (anything really!) so she pulls it off well and she didn’t have to rock the southern belle look like Meyer!

Meyer has such an exaggerated walk....feet out and arms all over the place. It's adorable.

she's the definition of a "toddler" when she walks. toddle toddle wobble.


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