I’m typing this post from our new space in the basement…which I love.

Oh my goodness! Friday night around 8:30 we finally got to see the finished basement. We came down the steps and I was at a complete loss for words! We loved it! Even the “ugly” green carpet wasn’t so bad when all the other furniture and accesories were put in the space! I eat my words — Anitra (the designer) was right. The green carpet works! The “Reveal” was such a funny experience. Remember that awesome-knots-in-your-stomach feeling you used to get as a kid on Christmas morning just before your parents let you come in and see what Santa brought you…yeah, that is the feeling I had all night. There was so much build  up to the moment that I was sure I was going to be dissapointed…but I wasn’t. I didn’t cry…but I almost did! I totally understand why people cry in those moments — so, so overwhelming! Not only was it completed with excellence, they totally outdid themselves on the furnishings and gadgets they gave us. I have never had a room with completely new everything– crazy! I can’t wait to see how funny we look when the episode releases in August. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post any pictures until the show airs. Sorry! I know you are all dying to see the carpet. 🙂

It was such a fun and once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m so grateful! Everyone should apply for a home improvement show! You won’t regret it!


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