Day Four…The “Uh Oh” Day.

Things were going so well. I should have known better. Something was bound to happen…and it did. It happened in the form of green carpet. Green. Seriously? It’s possible the designer picked the ugliest carpet made. Maybe she beat up someone’s grandma and took it out of another 1960’s ranch house?! 🙂 Green. Really?!

My mantra has been “Trust the designer. Trust the designer. Trust the designer.” But I think she just lost me. I’m trying not to panic and I keep reminding myself that at least the bones are good and I can swap out carpet if I need to. I’m just going to stay positive, roll with it and keep an open mind until I see the whole space completed tomorrow at the reveal. I know I hate when people see/judge my work half way through, so I’m trying to give the same courtesy to Anitra (the sweet designer) and just trust her. Maybe she really will be able to pull it all together. I’m willing to eat my words — but as of now, I’m not very happy with the carpet choice. Green. Sigh.

We are really grateful to be a part of this, so I’m not meaning to sound ungrateful…just being honest! If nothing else, this should make for some interesting TV! 🙂


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