I haven’t been able to snap very many pictures but here are some BEFORE pics of our fabulous unfinished 1960’s basement in all it’s glory with exposed and cold concrete floor and walls…

Steps to our basement...

the play area. That's torn strips of fabric from Mali Africa hung on the ceiling. You do what ya can with what ya got! 🙂

another angle of the play area

art space

under the stairs and storage wall

looking into the storage closet...

And here is day 2 progress…

It's a mess!

working area in the backyard

Out with the old windows...

the driveway chaos...

shout out.

The catering zone on our patio...

Our garage...where everything from the old basement was piled up! Looks like I have some major work to do next week!

one of the new walls and windows.

the back corner is where they are creating the build in bunk bed... behind that is storage. This is where the old storage doors were the doors are on a different wall. You can also see how they exposed the duct work. I think they are leaving it like that.

The crew was welding something in the back yard...I snapped this from my bedroom window looking down. 🙂

Building out the frame/walls for the laundry nook. Glad that my washer and dryer won't be out in the middle of everything anymore!

One of many delivery trucks arrive. Lots of surprises! 🙂

That’s the scoop so far. I have a “project” I have to work on in a little while, then all of us — Me, Bryson, and the Kids — have to so some b-roll. I’ll try to act natural. I hope the kids don’t cry! 🙂


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