Day 1 & 2

Wow! These home renovation shows are no joke! They make it look  all easy peasy in a 24 minute show, but these are some of the most hard working folks I’ve been around. It’s been great so far! My internet has been choppy, sorry for the lack of posts, but here’s a little recap…

Day 1: crew showed up at 7:30 and immediately starts taking over our house like army ants. People everywhere. Not sure why I bothered cleaning up the night before! There are about 30 people working — everyone from the make up girl, to the camera and sound guys, to the contractors and the subcontractors. They set up an office in our dining room, laid paper on the floors of our upstairs so they don’t track in dirt and mud, catering is set up in the kitchen and on the patio, sound guy is set up in the hallway at the top of the basement stairs, tarps are laid out in the backyard for the guys to cut wood, and there are 2 trailers in the driveway for all the tools. Even the bathroom is taken over with their own toilet paper and air fresheners — they think of everything.

At 10am we do our first on camera interviews and the Host reveals her design plan for the basement. I WAS SO NERVOUS — not to be on camera…but to see her vision!! WHEW! I actually really like it! YAY! I can rest easy now. For me the hard part is over. 🙂 The space will include storage, a small laundry room, new windows, a family room w/ big TV, a family game table, a new HV/AC unit (yay!!) and a set of built in bunk beds! I’m really excited.

By 11am the basement is completely cleared out (EVERYONE — even the make up girl helps move boxes and furniture out!) and demo begins!

The first day was putting up drywall, insulation, and taking out the two old windows and replacing them with new ones. I’m really excited about this!! The crew stays until about 7 then calls it a night.

Day 2: By 7:30am they are on our doorstep starting the day! The production assistants start up the coffee pot and everyone gets working like little worker bees. We wait to hear if we are needed on camera and when. They don’t need the kids for the day so I take them to MImi’s house so they are out of the way. Bryson and I have to be on camera starting at 2:30. The Host (Anitra) teaches me how to install horizontal wood planks on our wall. Bryson works with the construction guys on how to create a built in bunk bed.

This day is a lot of finishing the walls, getting electric and lighting installed, and working on some “special” projects that are kept secret from us. But I did see a brand new fancy smancy top of the line washer and dryer make it’s way into our basement!! I’ve never been so excited about laundry!!

I’m starting to feel like we have a bunch of new roommates! By the end of the week we will have spent a lot of time with these folks. They worked until about 8:30pm on day 2. I have been blown away by how hard they all work and how WELL they work. I was nervous they would to a sloppy job and cut corners, but they really do work so hard — even the host, Anitra. They work their tails off and take a lot of pride in their work. I really respect the cast/crew for that. AND — I have a whole lot more grace for the homeowners on these shows! Being on camera while you work is awkward and harder than you think! I don’t know what all I said during the course of the day, but I’m sure you will all get a few laughs out of it!

We are so grateful to have this opportunity!

On to Day 3….


4 thoughts on “Day 1 & 2

  1. So fun! Adam and I watch DIY and HGTV 75% of the time our tv is on so I am loving your blog and facebook updates!! 🙂 Can’t wait to actually watch it!!

  2. Their own tp and air fresher!? That is just to funny. We are sort of doing the same thing, watching our next house be built. It’s just right down the street. Everyday we go by and there are about 10 or more men at work. It’s crazy to watch. Addison is going to flip to see you guys on tv!

  3. I am loving reading updates on y’all being on the DYI network. What fun…and awesomeness! I guess this weekends out to hang out….ha!!! Y’all have a blast and cant wait to see y’all being your amazing selves on tv!

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