Our TV show…

Okay. This is random. Awhile back, on a whim, I applied for one of those home renovation TV shows that I heard was casting in Atlanta. I had never seen the show, just heard they were looking for “young families with kids in the Atlanta area that needed a room renovated.” We seemed to fit the bill, so I applied.

That was about 3 months ago.

Since then we have had multiple phone calls, 3 interviews/meetings, and well….we got chosen for a renovation! It is a DIY Network show and they are COMING TOMORROW MORNING at 7am to begin filming and renovating our very unfinished basement of our little 1960’s ranch house. AHHH!!! I am so nervous and excited — but mostly nervous!

I’ll write more about the process tomorrow and let you know detail for detail how the first day goes!! Just wanted to let you in on the excitement before all the craziness of demo day begins! Now, I have to go figure out what to wear and how to lose 10lbs before dawn (’cause apparently TV/being on camera adds 10lbs to you and that is an addition I could do without!)

Oh my crazy-random-wonderful life!


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