The Hand.

I have such a crazy-random-amazing-awesome job. This is what I have worked on the past few weeks….

This is the Freedom Art Installation we created for Passion 2012. I got to put The Hand up again at Passion City Church where it will stand for 72 Days as we participate in 72 Days For Freedom to raise awareness and help bring rescue to those enslaved around the world.

The hand is 103ft tall and is covered in common goods linked to slave labor based off the US Department of Labor’s List of Top Goods produced by Forced and Child Labor. Our prayer is that this piece of art will spark awareness, conversations, and action. Learn more about the sculpture and the campaign at:

Also, check this out. Our friends, Matt Redman just released a new song called 27 Million that is all about this issue of slavery. We are trying to get it up to the top 10 on iTunes — bringing light to darkness! If you have a $1.29 join us by buying the song. What we choose to buy helps define culture — let’s let culture know that we care about fighting slavery! (The song is helping fund A21 an awesome organization and partner/friend of Passion!)



1 thought on “The Hand.

  1. Hello! I’m not even sure of your first names, but I’m Steve Chapman, and I work at a large Christian ministry in Atlanta, and we’re going to feature the Passion event and the Freedom Hand in our latest ministry report, and I WOULD LOVE TO USE THIS PHOTO ABOVE! Is that possible? We’d need a really really high resolution version.

    Please contact me asap, and I’ll share more. Thanks! And God bless your ministry.

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