Funny things said…

Oh the things that the little people say. Here are some of the best quotes of the week:

Me: Evyn, please pick up these blocks and put them away.

Evyn: Sorry mom, I’m a princess and princesses don’t do work.

Me: Oh yes they do sweetie…at least in this house.

Evyn: Okay.




Nash: “MOM! Meyer is splashing in the toilet AND she’s dropping toys in it!”

Me: “I’ll be right there…tell her to stop…”

Nash: …silence….laughter…”It’s okay mom. I told her to stop…and I went ahead and peed on the toys too!”


Nash:¬†upon laying out all his valentines day cards he received at school, Nash stood back and in a moment split between pride and disbelief said, “Wow mom. All the kids in my class LOVE me! They really love me so much!”

Now for some pictures of these cute little people who always keep me on my toes…




3 thoughts on “Funny things said…

  1. Yo Yo … Your family is looking beautiful! Julie Deck passed me this link and I just wanted to give a shout out to some awesome people that I was blessed to share the Ethiopian experience with.

    You guys are looking awesome!


    • KEVIN!!! It made me smile so big to see this message from you!!! Bryson and I have often wondered how you are doing! Someday I hope our paths cross again and we can meet your whole family! Blessings friend!

      EV + BV

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