Nash in Nica…

Nash having fun with his new friends. (The mom side of me is freaking out at how dirty he is!! Ahh!!) Bryson said Nash never even noticed one of the kids didn't even have clothes on!

I got this email from Bryson this morning…

“Had church service/bible study this morning.
Went to the trash dump.
Ate lunch with missionary family.
Went to play with kids in bario.
Swimming and snack.
Headed to dinner.
God is good.
Ready to come home tomorrow.
Hopefully nash will get to play with his new friend (Kathryn) in the morning. He was very sad she was not there today she was at her grandmas house all day .
Can’t wait to kiss your face.”

I spoke with them this morning and they are doing great. I can not wait to hear all the stories. Bryson said yesterday they played soccer with a bunch a kids by the water and ended up going into town to buy them a real soccer ball. Then Nash asked if they could buy all the kids popsicles, too…

popsicles and new friends!

I think it’s been an awesome experience for Bryson and Nash and I am grateful for the memories that will spur on conversations for a very long time.

Evyn misses Nash so much. She has been awesome this week playing by herself and just being sweet and happy, but at morning and at night (because they share a room) she cries for Nash. Last night she asked to watch a “video of Nash talking”. She giggled and tries talking back to him on the viewo. Then this morning Nash called and the first thing he asked was for me to hand the phone to Evyn so he could talk to her. I’m glad they miss each other! Picking them up tonight! Excited to see my fellas…and kiss Bryson’s face.


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