Home from Nicaragua

The boys are home and I am pretty sure Nash is about 10 years older than when he left! He walked in the door full of joy and filled with confidence. PRECIOUS!!! Listening to him share (in GREAT detail) about all he saw, smelled, touched, tasted, played, etc. in Nica was one of the top 5 “Proudest mom moments” of my life. My heart was on the verge of exploding with giddiness as he pointed to different spots on the map where he and his daddy went and told me about his favorite parts of the trip. I don’t think Nash came up for air from the moment he walked in the house! He went on and on about all the places they went, people they met, things they ate, details about the “hotel”, plane ride (and his “wings” he received on the flight). I am so so grateful that he seems to have soaked in everything on the trip. It also appears that he soaked in some dirt since I don’t think he bathed even once (freezing cold showers = no showers for a 4 year old apparently!). So after a proper scrub in the tub (btw, he still smells like charcoal), a late dinner, and more chatter, he is finally fast asleep in his own bed. It’s good to have everyone home and under one roof. We will be processing this trip for some time, but I am so so grateful to Bryson for taking Nash and making this experience a priority. I think it has forever shaped Nash’s heart…

the "hotel"

At the market.

Nash's friend Kathryn. She's ten. He's 4. They are about the same height!

hanging out...

playing with Kathryn...

Nash and the kids.

ice cream.

The fellas


Nash said he found a "waffle place in Nicaragua"... Here is the proof.

outside a cafe they frequented. Doesn't he look about 18 here?? He's growing up. sniff sniff.

Headed home. Doesn't take long to adjust back to 1st world.



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