Rollin’ Nica Style…

Cool kid.

Today is my birthday — but I’ll write more about that tomorrow. A more urgent and exciting update is that Nash and Bryson flew to Nicaragua this morning for a Father/Son trip! This was Nash’s first international trip and he was beyond excited to break in his passport and get a stamp! It is pretty thrilling to get your first stamp in your passport! I was in High School when I got mine — I’ll never forget that! Nash was ready to combust with excitement this morning but was carrying himself like such a big confident kid! I was proud of him as I dropped them off at the airport. I can not wait to hear how their first day went  — and how Nash liked using his travel toothbrush! He is a four 1/2 year-old, after all! It’s the little things!

So why Nicaragua?

It is a desire and hope/dream of ours as parents to raise little people who love the world — and what better way to get them to love the world than show them the world? Some may call us crazy…heck, maybe we are. But I am thrilled that Nash is getting to experience a third world country with his daddy at such a young age so there will never be a time that he doesn’t remember traveling or experiencing new cultures. He sees me and Bryson going places all the time and wants to be a part of what we do, so this is a great first step. I only wish I could have gone with them! (especially since it’s my birthday! sigh.)

There were two simple objectives for this Father/Son trip: That Nash would…

  1. TOUCH, SMELL and SEE extreme poverty.
  2. Make a friend with a child his age from Nicaragua.
  3. Have fun. (Okay, that’ 3 objectives — I added that so it didn’t seem so serious. They will have fun!)
Nash and BV don’t have a big agenda, they will just see what each day brings. I’m praying that this experience will forever shape Nash’s heart towards Jesus’ heart for the world. I do not want to raise ordinary children. I pray God allows Bryson and I to raise EXTRAORDINARY, JESUS FOLLOWING, WORLD CHANGERS! So tonight I am praying big dreams over my little man tonight as he sleeps to the sounds of a country and culture very different than his own.

Nash was SO excited when I dropped them off at the airport this morning...

Checking in...

Liesure reading on the flight...

Nash on the plane video…


7 thoughts on “Rollin’ Nica Style…

  1. That video is just precious! Could he be any more excited? I will be praying for your little man this week. I love your families heart for the nations! We too desire not to raise ‘ordinary children’. Thank you for being such an example to all of us!!!

  2. Nora was checking this out with me this morning, longing for her first “stamp.” Maggie got her’s at 9 months so we are running behind this time around, but I couldnt agree more about raising un-ordinary kids who have touched, smelled and seen the world beyond their back doors. Cant wait for the after post! (And our phone conversation tonight).

  3. My family is from Nicaragua and going to view “EXTREME poverty” sounds so pretentious. You can see EXTREME poverty in the United States.

    • Thanks for your comment HP. I am sorry you were offended. We love Nicaragua and her people. Nicaragua is a third world country, America is a first world country. The area of Nicaragua we took our son is considered extreme poverty. We want to teach our children what poverty looks like in a variety of countries in an effort for them to one day use their talent, time, and treasures to serve and care for people in these places.
      Thanks for your comment.

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