My oh My.


party is set...

My oh My, My Meyer. Oh how we love you sweet My My. She awoke to the singing of her big brother and big sister singing her praises and a loud Happy Birthday song — over and over throughout the day. She loves being sung to. Evyn wasn’t quite sure about sharing the “princess” accolades and attention given to Meyer, but warmed up to it after she and Meyer were both equally decked out in pink. Evyn helped dress them both. I can not believe Meyer is one! In some ways it feels like this past year zipped passed us, and in other ways I look back and stand in all awe of all the life we have lived in Meyer’s first year of life! Sweet girl has already lived in 3 houses in her first year! She’s going to be a mover and a shaker. Never have a met such a sweet spirited and easy going baby. The two before her were certainly sweet peas, but one of the special things about Meyer was and is her kind spirit that already oozes from her. You see it in her eyes, her easy smile, and calmness. Nothing gets her too rattled. As she enters into her more independent phases of year one and two, I pray these traits remain. Even in her older years, these characteristics will serve her well. She is precious and just as her name proclaims over her, she is a light and will one day be a leader. My prayer is that she will live in such a way that her light will lead others to Jesus. We love you “My My”…Happy First Birthday precious one.

always proud parents...

Happy Birthday dear Meyer...

looks like the candle is burning my nose -- but I love this picture because of how sweet Meyer's smile is! So look at how cute she is and not at the fact that I have a flame up my nostril.

Life is good.

I love my new toys!!

My own piggy bank! This thing is heavy.

love this baby.

Mimi & Pop Pop and the whole gang celebrating Meyer's Birthday!

the party decor

Homemade pom poms... and birthday banner. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Birthday euphoria. I LOVE ALL THESE PRESENTS!! 🙂

Birthday = explosion of PINK!

Now this is a cool birthday brother!

Love you lil' Birthday girl!


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