Gobble Gobble

This time last year I was counting contractions in between bites of Thanksgiving Dinner. Where has the year gone?! I’m pretty sure I swore that I would never eat Thanksgiving dinner again while I was throwing it up once active labor kicked in (TMI? Probably, but that’s how I roll!). I’m glad my memory is foggy on that proclamation, because I would have been very sad to forgo the yumminess of Thanksgiving dinner this year!  We celebrated the day with Bryson’s parents, sister and her family. I kept feeling like something was missing, but then I remembered that the past two years have been pretty epic Thanksgivings…last year going into labor with Meyer and the year before Bryson and I were in India traveling when we got the call that we had passed court and Evyn was our daughter. So, no offense to those whom we celebrated Turkey day with this year, but I missed that epic feeling that I have had the past two years! 🙂  But regardless of the lacking life-changing moments, it was delicious and full of fun! We were thankful to have The Wherry’s here for a visit and get to spend some time with their sweet boys. Nash and Evyn especially loved hanging out with them!

We really do  have so very much to be thankful for. Jesus is good.

Here are some pictures of the little people enjoying the festivities.



This food is goooooood!

But helping with dessert is REALLY GOOD!

We exchanged early christmas gifts with the cousins and Meyer was obviously excited about her new book...

Nash loving the supper...

Evyn was beyond Thrilled with her new princess shoes and accessories!

And matching pj’s courtesy of Mimi. This is fun until they are about 10…then it becomes really mean. I’m just glad the don’t come in adult sizes. 

We just finished celebrating Meyer’s birthday so I will post on that tomorrow! Good night friends!


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