Meyer on my mind…

I was catching up with some friends from Athens last week and they asked how Meyer was doing. I answered, “She’s great! Always happy and it’s hard to believe she is 9 months old.” To which Bryson said, “Um, honey? Meyer is 11 months old next week. She turns one in November.” My jaw dropped. Where have the last 2 months gone– let alone the last year? I was sure she was only 9 months old. Poor third baby…mama just can’t keep up with all the milestones! Meyer has had a full few months. Now that she is on the move (army crawl is her speciality) she can get anywhere she wants, and fast (even the bottom of a flight of stairs, but that’s a story for a different day!). And her quick access around the floor means she can find all sorts of awesome things to “eat” that her brother and sister leave within her reach. You know things like: legos, pennies, bandaids, paper and grapes. Awesome. I’m constantly checking her mouth for these little choke-able treasures. In other big news, Meyer finally has teeth!! Four teeth to be exact and they all arrived at the same time last week. Zero to Four almost overnight. But she just smiles through it all and keeps the crown for being the worlds happiest baby. This year is going way to fast.

Cubby cheek beauty in a homemade bow...

Happy girl eating her finger foods...

Smiles so big it looks like it might hurt. Love! (before the top teeth broke through)

Her "funny face". She has been making the funniest faces with her lips. I think her teeth hurt which make her do funny things with her mouth. It's hilarious!



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