Macgyver Moment…

Tropical storm Lee is putting a damper on our getaway to the beach, but we are safe and keeping dry, so I have not place to complain. We managed to get out of the house today and went to lunch about 30 minutes away from where we are staying. Just as we are entering the restaurant, Evyn informs me she has to “make some waters”. That means she’s gotta go peepee, folks. Of course I scooped her up as quickly as I could and checked out the surroundings for the nearest potty. But it was too late. I knew immediately when I picked her up that she had in fact already, “made the waters”. Sigh.

Of course she was wearing a one piece number so there was no way to just replace the bottoms and get on with life. And, of course I didn’t have another outfit for her in the car. AND, of course I didn’t have ANY clothing in the car, period. All I had was scarf. Mimi and I looked in a few stores for a kid size t-shirt, but with no luck. The scarf was going to have to do. A few twists and a tie and, “tada” you have yourself a little sari dress…

As I carried Evyn into the restaurant to meet up with the rest of the family I wanted to bust out laughing, but didn’t want her to feel self conscience. She looked hilarious…and absolutely beautiful all at the same time. She has that essence (and confidence!) about her that she can literally put on ANYTHING and look gorgeous. Even her mom’s scarf!

That was my Monday Macgyger Moment…



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