Bryson recently traveled to Africa for his work with Do Something Now. It was a whirlwind 2 weeks as he met with several incredible organizations bringing the love of Jesus in practical ways to the poor in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya. He returned home exhausted, but so encouraged that the Church is alive and well and being the hands and feet of Jesus in these dark and hurting places. I can not wait to see how DSN can partner with some of these great organizations he saw firsthand.

Bryson had a special experience while in Uganda. Since he was already in the area, our friends at Compassion International were able to set up a face to face meeting for Bryson to meet his (ours!) Compassion child who he has been sponsoring for 13 years!! Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Thirteen years ago when Bryson was in High School he picked Enoch from a pile of pictures at a Compassion Sponsor table during a big music festival. They both share the same birthday so Bryson chose him from the pile and committed to faithfully sponsored Enoch. Enoch, now 18,  is the oldest of 9 children in his family and lives in a remote region Uganda in a mud and stick house. This year Enoch will graduate from the Compassion program that has cared for he and his family so well during his childhood! He has dreams of being a car driver and mechanic (a big dream considering there are no cars in his village!)

It was a powerful and emotional meeting for Bryson, Enoch, and his family. Bryson described walking along the dirt path for 20 minutes with Enoch from the Compassion center to the boy’s home where his parents and siblings anxiously awaited for them to arrive. Enoch’s mother literally cried and yelled for joy when she saw Bryson crest the top of the hill towards their house. She could not contain her excitement! I can only imagine how precious that moment was!! One of the perks of traveling for work is that Bryson happened to have a professional photographer with him to capture the moment! Here are a few of the pictures from that incredible afternoon…

Meeting at the Compassion center for the first time. Bryson shares a photo album with Enoch that he brought to give him.

Bryson and the whole family...

Such joy and love!! Can you feel the overwhelming excitement!!??

My favorite picture...a photo of me and Nash we sent Enoch 3 years ago that hangs on the wall of their house! Goes to show that those pictures you send your sponsored kids are super precious to them!!

On the way into the town...

Enoch's baby sister... and a chicken.

If you don’t already sponsor a child, it is an easy and simple…yet POWERFUL way to connect, love, and care for those in need. It literally changes lives. I am so glad Bryson was able to experience that first hand…and hope that one day you do too.


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