Here we go again…PASSION 2012.

For the past 10 years I have had the privilege of serving alongside the team at Passion Conferences. Before that, I was a college student whose life was completely transformed by an encounter with Jesus at a Passion gathering called OneDay2000. It literally changed my life. It is a joy to serve with this team of people who have become our family over the years. My role the past 4 years has been to create an interactive experience for students to connect with God’s heart for the poor, the broken, the lost, the widow, the orphan…the least of theses around the globe. It has been an unbelieveable journey…not always easy, most certainly exhausting, beyond challenging, BUT I am so incredibly grateful that I get to call this my “work”! What an honor to serve in this capacity. Once again I will be stepping into this role as Creative Engineer for Do Something Now ( and so begins the journey of preparing and planning for January’s Passion 2012!! It is overwhelming to think of all that has to be thought up, dreamed up, created, and completed over the next 5 months, but I always come back to the fact that I serve the God of unending creativity and vision and in Him all things are possible. I will cling to that truth daily over the next months. I invite you to join me in praying over Passion2012 as 30,000+ college students will gathering for what could be the most pivotal 4 days of their lives. The potential in that room of 30,000 world changers leaning their entire lives into the HOPE and TRUTH of Jesus Christ is INCREDIBLE. HE is the lead story of Passion 2012, and I am confident that incredible things will happen because of what HE stirs in the hearts of the students during those 4 days! I’m so happy I get to have a little part on this incredible journey!

Deep breath! Here we go again!!! 🙂

Here is another promo video to get you excited and give you a taste of what Passion is all about….


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