Hill Family Beach Trip | 2011

Good times were had by the Hill family at the beach this year! My parents and 5 siblings, their spouses, and 11 children under the age of 6 all reunited under one roof for a crazy and loud week at the beach. Good times. I call it our “family trip” instead of vacation because, lets face it, it is not restful by ANY means! It’s actually a lot more work than just staying put at home, but SOOOO worth it and a great time for sure! I love this group of people dearly and treasure the time we get to spend together because it just doesn’t happen enough!! Here are some pictures…but I somehow failed to get any picture of us actually at the beach or pool. Oh well!

Colin, Cooper, Xavier, Nash. There was lots of this silliness happening!

The Big Boys: Cooper, Colin, Ian, Nash, Xavier

BFF's Xavier and Nash

The girls took very good care of all the babies.


meal time.

Obi and Meyer. Do you think she is upset about the bow? Probably.

Ian, Colin, and Rowan...and a lollypop.

Charis, Xavier, Amelia, Cooper, Rowan, Colin, Isaiah, Evyn, Meyer, Nash, Ian....whew!

Xavier's Pirate themed birthday party at the beach!! So fun!!

Classic Amelia look! Love this baby girl!

Goodwin family!

Michael, Blaine, Colin, Cooper, Rowan Hill

Frustrated that I did not take more pictures! That’s all I have for now!


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