Our kids are tiny sponges absorbing everything we say and do. I am daily amazed at what my little people pick up from the world around them. From the way Evyn does a deep sigh when she drops something (just like her mama), or the way Nash hums the Georgia fight song when we drive past the rival GA Tech campus, to the way they act out because they saw a kid in a TV show acting in such a way…they are sponges and what goes in, does come out. It also comes out in good ways too …like when Evyn is sad and through her tears she sings Jesus Loves Me to bring her comfort, or the way Nash will recite a bible verse when I begin one. I love when the good stuff rises to the surface! Oh, how I love when they absorb TRUTH and not just a Diego or Mickey jingle that is cute for the moment but ultimately empty. Filling our little people with Truth now will be such an amazing tool and compass for their life as they grow older. For the past few months the only music that has been played in our car has been the latest Passion album, Here For You. It is AMAZING to see the kids sing every word and worship with the music as we drive around town! They love it! And I love it too! It makes my heart soar!! I am so glad these words of truth are literally on their lips and hidden in the hearts at ages 2 and 3. Even Meyer gets calm when the music starts…she loves it!
There is nothing wrong with Old McDonald and other silly kid songs (and believe me, my kids know and love all those silly songs) I’m just convinced my little people can absorb bigger stuff, too, so I’m challenged to set the bar a little higher for them and make scripture and truth part of our every day language and soundtrack for our lives. (For my sake as much as for theirs!!)

My friend just told me about Hidden In My Heart album. These lullaby type songs are completely scripture. You can sample the songs on their website and from what I can tell they seems pretty sweet and straight up scripture goodness. I just ordered a copy and look forward to filling our home and car with the music of scripture. I’ll let you know how the CD is once I’ve listened to it a few times!

Help me out mamas, what are some resources, ideas, suggestions, etc. of ways you fill your “little sponges” with God’s Truth in your home? 


3 thoughts on “Sponge

  1. We do “verses and prayers” every night. We have 2 pages of short scriptures that we each pick out a verse from at night before bed. One night we read the bible reference and Maggie quoted the whole verse. When we realized she’d started memorizing them we began including her in the nightly “reading.” She has almost all of the verses on her 2 pages memorized now. That’s a lot better than her mama! I am still dependent on the sheet. Also, if you want another cd to add to the mix you need to get Aaron Keyes new cd Dwell. It is amazing. Maggie is soaking it in like a sponge and it is beautiful to hear her singing about deep calling to deep. Keeping the living water flowing down your way for your little sponges! And keep passing on the tips.

  2. Hi, Emily! Just stopped in to see how your crew is growing!

    Had to respond, bc I just found this for daily verses w/ corresponding (free printable!) coloring sheets and music: http://totallytots.homestead.com/InMyHeart2.html (I’m excited about using these to teach letters!)

    …and my kids love this music: http://karynhenley.com/site/Product-individual-pages/PLAYSONGS_CDs-Solo.html (Also available on iTunes, which is where I like to get them.)

    Hope ya’ll are doing well! 🙂


  3. Em,
    I got introduced to a group of CDs called Seeds. You can get them on iTunes(which is good for those mamas overseas). We bought Seeds of Character. There is Seeds of Faith, Seeds of Praise, etc. They are produced by Seeds Family Worship and are all scripture as well. THey have kids singing along. Asher loves it when we listen to it and it’s helping me remember scripture as well 🙂

    love you friend,

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