Almost Heaven…

Nash and his cousin Xavier playing and becoming the sweetest friends.

It was so good to be “home” in West Virginia for a full week with nothing to do! The kids and I drove up to see my family in Clarksburg while Bryson traveled to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda to meet up potential partners and check on old partners for Do Something Now. Our drive home took about 11 hours and to my surprise, the kids were incredible little travelers! Meyer continues her streak as the best baby in the world by literally only crying for a total of 5 minutes on the ENTIRE drive! What!? I now refer to her as Superbaby.  The big kids did great too with the help of a few brilliant ideas (at least I thought so!) on my part like: tying the kids water bottles to their chairs so when they dropped them they could pull them back up, the entire 2nd season of Diego on the IPad which we McGiver’d to hang in the van so they could watch it, and a backpack full of books and treats. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing the journey alone! Once we were in C-burg it was great to be with Marmi + Obi, my sister and her kids, and my brother who lives in the area. I absolutely LOVE West Virginia in the summertime… the fireflies, the weather, the bright green forests…it really is almost heaven! Here are a few pictures of our time in Wild Wonderful West Virginia.

Meyer and Isaiah

I think this one of the babies is hilarious! Meyer is happy as can be and Isaiah is furious!

Evyn "helping" feed Isaiah

Evyn and the boys!

Meyer and Marmi

Outdoor bathtime! Charis + Evyn

Meyer's turn for a bubble bath!



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