Happy Birthday, Evyn!

Amazing day celebrating the first 2 years of my sweet Evyn Olivia. I loved celebrating her, and she loved being celebrated! The highlight of the day was a garden tea party with her brother and two cousins, Xavier and Charis. It was precious! The party consisted of Evyn’s favorite foods: potato chips and cupcakes…and since we are in WV, some pepperoni rolls. She sang Happy Birthday to her self several times today, enjoyed opening some gifts, and was a very sweet birthday girl. One of my favorite moments was watching Nash give her a gift that he had “gotten” for her. I love seeing my children love one another well.

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be Evyn’s mama. She has blessed my life more than words can write. I pray great things and huge dreams over her life this next year and for the years to come. Believing and trusting that God will do mighty things through this sweet child’s life!



A great time had by all.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Evyn!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That is the sweetest party….I miss those kiddos–have FUN but hurry home:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET EVYN!! Love you all-Mimi

  2. What an adorable birthday party! Happy birthday, Evyn!!

    Where did you get your girls’ dresses? Love them!

  3. Evyn is absolutely adorable in her pigtails and dress sipping from a pink teacup. I love those eyebrows and pensive expressions even when smiling. Happy birthday sweet girl!

  4. Didn’t mean for that last comment to be anonymous. It’s from Milfam just so you don’t think you have a stalker. 🙂

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