Sisters in the south

I’m from West Virginia (and I am proud of it!). Though it technically sits south of the Mason Dixon line, in reality it has more northern characteristics than southern. Sweet Tea isn’t a staple at restaurants, smocked dresses (on girls…or boys) aren’t seen with regularity, and “ya’ll” isn’t part of the vocabulary. I’ve lived in the south for almost 13 years and I am sold, hook, line and sinker. I love the South with all my heart. While there are many Southern thangs I still just don’t get like having everything monogramed (though it is growing on me!!) or black eye peas and collard greens for supper, one thing I DO love is when mama’s dress their daughters alike. Bless my heart, I think sisters dressed the same is plain adorable! 🙂  It’s about as Southern as pimento cheese and fried chicken on Sunday afternoon and I just love it!

My Southern Belles…






…and a brother who didn’t want to miss out on the picture time….


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