Big Girl…

We have a couple of big girls in the V-tanz house!

One that’s sitting up on her own…

Meyer is sooooooo happy to be sitting up on her own and playing with Nash and Evyn. She honestly thinks those two crazy kids are HYSTERICAL and laughs at them constantly…which only feeds their silliness. It’s awesome. All three kids were sitting at my feet playing in the kitchen while I baked bread this morning…it was a surreal, “I am a mama. I have three kids. I’m baking bread. This is my life!?” kind of moment. A moment that of course I loved! I am so grateful I get to stay at home with these sweet babies while they are still babies.

So we have one girl that is sitting up, and then we have another who is sitting on the potty!

We are in the VERY beginning stages of potty training and I can already tell it is going to be a totally different adventure than it was training Nash. Can you say, girl drama!? She cries and sings the whole time she sits on the potty but never tries to get up or leave. She just sits there. It’s hilarious to say the least.

Love my baby girls.




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