Proud to be…

…an American!

Cue the Lee Greenwood music…

Look what came in the mail:

Official US Citizen, Evyn Vogeltanz!

After setting foot on American soil 525 days ago, Evyn (with the help of her two awesome parents! nudge, nudge, wink, wink) has successfully…

  • legally changed her name
  • completed re-adoption in the US
  • secured a US certificate of birth
  • acquired US residency (Green Card)
And now, as of today, has officially become a US citizen!! It’s a big day and the end of a very long paper trail! Praise God!
Next up…time to get this baby girl a passport! We like for all our kids to have a passport…you know, just in case we get the opportunity to go somewhere on whim we won’t have any excuses!
And of course, since I wasn’t trying to take his picture, Nash asked if I would take his picture too…
Just another great day at the V-tanz house! Hope something wonderful happened for you and your family today, too!

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