Slice of Heaven…

Having beach withdraw today. I did find that if I set my children’s sound machines to “Ocean”, open the back door to let a breeze in, sit in the sunshine, and then close my eyes I can kind of picture myself back there. If only my kids had a sandbox that I could put my toes in, it would be perfect! I must have saltwater in my veins — I love the beach.

After spending the week soaking in the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida I am prepared to make a very bold statement that I am sure some of you will disagree with, BUT hear me out then chime in below with your opinion…

I honestly believe, in my humble opinion, the best stretch of beach in the world is the stretch of beach along Country Road 30A in Florida. I mean it. It is close to perfection. I can even it narrow it down a little more…I think Rosemary Beach + Seaside hands down are the best of the best. Big statement. I have had the amazing blessing of stepping foot on a lot of  beaches around the globe so I feel pretty confident making such a bold statement! 🙂  I am convinced that 30A’s crystal clear water, powder white sand, picturesque little beach towns, and great restaurants take the blue ribbon and certainly win my heart when it comes to the worlds best beaches. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach anywhere and anytime, but there is something special about 30A. I’ve seen beaches up and down Florida’s coast, been to St. Simon’s and Tybee, GA, worked on the beach in South Carolina for a couple summers (GREAT memories!), I ADORE the North Carolina Beaches and outer banks, I’ve been to Virginia Beach, and I was surprised that Alabama even had beaches. I love California beaches from Laguna to Pebble to Huntington Beach, to San Diego, to the cold waters of San Francisco. One of my favorite 4th of July moments was on an Oregon Beach. I Honeymooned on Maui’s beaches and splashed in Oahu’s waters. I’ve been to the Bahamas (remind me to tell you about my passport nightmare about that trip sometime. It is another country…should have remembered that. Doh!).  My crazy husband and I have traveled to the other side of the world in search of beautiful beaches. We’ve been to Indonesian beaches including famous Bali. In our pre-kid days we did the wild backpack thing to Thailand’s beaches (literally in the middle of nowhere! Like, no-one-will-ever-find-us-if-we-die middle of nowhere islands.)…but man were they INCREDIBLE! I’ll never forget that trip. I’ve even sunk my feet in the sand and stepped on the rocks of the shores of England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy and Morocco. Heck, I’ve even swam in the Mediterian sea (maybe skinny dipped, but my mom reads this blog, so for now I’ll just say swam.:))! I’ve seen black sand, pebble sand, white sand, rocky sand, and sand so soft it felt like powdered sugar. Each of those beaches have different fabulous traits but believe me when I say, it just doesn’t get much more perfect than the Gulf of Mexico along Country Road 30A.

So that’s just my opinion, what’s yours?

Where is your ALL TIME FAVORITE place to sink your toes in the sand?

I've always loved the beach...


7 thoughts on “Slice of Heaven…

  1. That’s awesome! Your accounts of beaches around the globe and that you think Rosemary Beach + Seaside area’s the best. The company I worked for out of college designed both towns 🙂

  2. No argument from me! I spend several weeks a year along County Road 30A and it feels like home! It’s absolutely my favorite place!!

  3. Oh girl–I like Gulf Coast beaches…but I think being raised near them (Gulf Shores) this momma does not dig hot, sandy beaches. I’m all about the bikes and even bikes on a beach. Hilton Head is our favorite of all b/c of the awesome family guitar fun and bike trials…and add the beach in the mix on cool, flat sand…ahhh–heaven! I’ll take any beach though just about any time–but HHI is our family favorite for sure!

  4. Hello –

    My wife is a longtime reader of your blog, as we’ve been going through our adoption process as well (2nd trip to ET coming in a few weeks to bring her home!). She told me about this post, and I immediately decided to try to vacation there in 2012 to check it out. Do you have recommended places/people to contact about a rental or place to stay? A quick google search shows plenty of big organizations that do rentals in these areas, but since you’ve obviously stayed there many times – do you have any suggestions?


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