Six months…

Happy 6 months baby girl! My oh my how time flies!! Here are 6 fun facts about my 6 month old…

6. You rolled over for the first time yesterday!

5. You can sit up by yourself…but are still a bit tipsy

4. I wish I could put into words how much your brother and sister adore you. You are the highlight of their every day.

3. Mealtime is your favorite time of day. Oh how you love to eat!

2. Because of this love of eating (see point #3) you have outgrown most of your clothes and are comfortably wearing 12 month size clothing now!! Can we say, Fat + Happy?

1. Waking you up from naps/sleeping is like Christmas morning. You smile soooo big!!

This is often the scene around here...Big sister Evyn loving on her baby Meyer...

Sitting up by yourself!!

Time to eat! Sitting in your big girl highchair!

Yep, fat + happy


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