The previous owners of our home left us a very detailed manual about the house, yard, appliances, etc. While we are very grateful for the all the details they provided (and the level in which they  cared for the home) we did laugh at some of the information in the binder. For example, there was a document about the neighbors living around us. It was just basic info about who they are, what house they live in, if they are nice, etc. One of the families mentioned in the document was “the Turtle Family” that lived behind our house. When I first read the info I literally thought they meant a family with the last name Turtle…but no, they were referring to a group of real turtles that apparently had made their home in the back yard. Now, I’m no animal lover, but I do have a soft spot for turtles. Call me crazy, but a turtle is probably  the only animal I would stop my car for to help across a busy road. Well, the kids and I have looked and looked for “The Turtle Family” but to no avail…until yesterday. Sitting in our driveway was a surprise appearance by one of the members of the turtle family (or so I assume) making it’s way to it’s back yard paradise. Poor thing, he had not gotten the memo that the V-tanz family had moved to town or I promise he would have taken up residence in another neighbors yard! The moment Evyn laid eyes on that reptile, she was in LOVE! That turtle didn’t have a chance. With eardrum-busting-high-pitched squeals of delight, poking, kissing, in-your-face-interacation…She was in LOVE and had no fear! I promise you that that turtle was wishing he could run a little faster! You can see for yourself the turtle kept the kids busy all morning…

When the kids went down for their afternoon naps I took pity on the turtle and helped him escape into a far back corner of the yard so he could recover from the morning “fun”/”torture” (depends on who you ask!). I’m hopeful we meet again, but I understand if he steers clear of us for awhile. We can be a lot to handle… and have a lot of love to share! 🙂


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