Nash boy.

Hiding from the camera as usual. But also adorable as usual.

Nash, my shaggy haired-silly-loud (unless people are around)-quality time-3-year-old, comes up with the craziest things. The past few days he has been stuck on this idea that I am pregnant!! (No, I am not!). In the most excited voice, he keeps telling me my stomach is getting bigger and bigger and I am going to bring him home a new brother! What?!? I keep telling him, “No, my stomach is (well, should be) getting smaller and smaller since I am trying to LOOSE weight”. But this does not convince him. I hope this isn’t a prophecy that will come to fruition any time soon. I would love another baby, but I’m not ready quite yet! But boy do his words fuel for my workout regime!

The other funny Nash-ism these days is his hypothesis on why skunks smell so bad. In Nash’s world, he thinks when he flushes the toilet, his poo and pee go to a factory that packages it up and feeds it to skunks…and that, my friends, is why skunks smell so bad. Duh. You didn’t know that?

Every day it is something new! He’s learned to pretend “sleepwalk” (walking around the house with his eyes closed bumping into things), flies from the coffee table to couch like a Wonder Pet, build “donut factories” out of his blocks, won’t eat black beans because he thinks we are trying to feed him daddy’s coffee beans, and enjoys making up silly songs with made up words that make absolutely no sense. He keeps us laughing for sure.

Sometimes his silliness turns to very serious, question asking, thoughtful mode. Just the other day (out of the blue, again) he asked me about the picture he had seen in his bible where “the man had lots of scratches and boo boo’s all over him”. “Why did the mean men hurt him?” “What was that story about?” He was asking about Jesus. Right then and there I got to share the Gospel for the first time with my son. He was so interested in the details. He sat thinking about it. It was really amazing. I had to pinch myself. I love my 3 year old.

Still working on manners. Don't talk with your mouth full, dear.



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