too much lovin’…

…can sometimes be a bad thing.

See, when the kids wake up, one of the first they ask is “Where’s the babeeeeeeeeeeeee?”. Then they spot her. They run to her. They cover her in sloppy kisses and pokes like they haven’t seen her in years. It’s very dramatic and lots of “baby talk”. They argue over who’s turn it is to kiss on her. Evyn squeals “My-YOUREEEEEE” a thousand times over as if she is waiting for Meyer to respond. Then it’s more sloppy, runny nose kisses on the baby. This is the scene most every morning…

Evyn frustrated at Nash for hogging Meyer.

"Finally, it's my turn. Hi."

Yeah, it’s super sweet. I encourage sibling love. That is, until I noticed Meyer wheezing yesterday. Then coughing. All those kisses…all that lovin’ from her big bro and sis has turned into RSV. Awesome. Now I have two girls on breathing treatments. Thankfully her case isn’t so bad that she had to be hospitalized, (Thank you Jesus!) but it is pathetic to watch her breathe so heavily and cough. Poor baby girl. 😦

On a happier note, Bryson is almost home!! Praise the Lord!!!


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