Bryson is off to Timbuktu. Literally. Well, not really, but I liked how that sounded! 🙂 He is, however, headed to a little village in the-middle-of-nowhere-Africa to meet some beautiful people who do not yet know the name of Jesus. I can not wait to hear about his time!! Meanwhile, I’m holding down the fort and hopping from here and there, visiting friends and family so I don’t go completely crazy while he is gone. While I’m not jealous of his menu for the week: boiled fish and rice. I am pretty jealous of the things he will see and experience in the days ahead…

a picture BV snapped on his (multi-day!) drive to the village that he just emailed me!

I love my husband’s heart for the poor, the oppressed, and the unreached. It’s his heart and leadership that drives our family to live with Christ-centered purpose. I love that man! I also love this prayer from the 268Declaration that has challenged us over the years:

“God, kindle in me the desire to go ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME, at ANY COST, to do ANYTHING to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I was reading over that statement today and was again challenged and encouraged. I’m pretty bummed I’m not on this trip with Bryson, but I know in this season of our family’s life, the best place for me to be is home with the little people. I love that Bryson is in the middle of nowhere shinning and carrying the name of Jesus. And I love that while he is away, I get to sit around the breakfast table with my little people and hear them ask questions about where/what daddy is doing. (Our conversation this morning: “Where is daddy? Oh, Africa? Like where Evyn’s from? Is he bringing home another baby? No? Oh, he’s there loving and helping people? I want to go there and help people too!”). What an amazing privlidge to carry the name of Jesus…whether at the breakfast table or in Timbuktu! I hope that encourages you as much as it has encouraged me today. (Cause after a day like today w/ the little people, Lord knows I needed some major encouragement!!)

On a side note, there are some AMAZING new worship songs on Passion’s newest live album, HERE FOR YOU that really drive home this idea of carrying the name of Jesus. It’s been filling my heart (and ears!) this past week!! Soooo goood!! Get it!!!**

**Of course I get nothing from promoting this album to you except the satisfaction of knowing that some of you will get it and be completely blessed by this music! I don’t know why I feel like I always need to have a disclaimer when I promote some thing on my blog. You 3 readers out there know I can barely get 2 blog posts out a week, so the idea of anyone paying/giving me anything to “promote” for them to you 3 readers is hilarious. But I digress. Get the CD. You will love it!


6 thoughts on “Timbuktu.

  1. I love this post. It is so encouraging. Thank you for the reminder that we are all carrying the name of Jesus where we go and to the people that we see, even when it doesn’t seem super exciting or “missional.”

  2. What a blessing to read your post this beautiful Saturday morning! I’m so encouraged and challenged by your and Bryson’s amazing hearts to make Jesus known!

  3. ugh emily don’t tease us about the new album!! it doesn’t come out until march 8th!! the rest of us still have to wait THREE more weeks!

  4. Look forward to hearing all about Bryson’s trip. Hope he’s taking a ton of pictures. JDB is traveling this week, too (L.A.–not nearly as exciting as AFRICA!) but I’m with you on the single-mommin-it exhaustion!

  5. I just wanted you to know how much I miss you and your little ones! Ok and Bryson too!
    I love keeping up with you via blog….Just know that I love and miss you!

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