–noun, plural -nies. 

a sudden, intuitive perception of insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple occurrance.

I had one of these so called epiphanies today as I struggled to find something to wear. I finally understood why the moomoo was invented. You know, those shapeless, horridly patterned nightgowns that dominate the clothes rack at Wal-Mart? They’ve never seemed appealing to me before, but today I secretly wished I had one. They were surley invented by some mama who one day went to her closet and found that nothing else could hide that post-partum mommy pudge that remained glued to her middle, and so the moomoo was created. I’ve gotta get one of those for days like these.
Just keeping it real ladies.
Off to the gym I go.

2 thoughts on “Ephiphany.

  1. Thanks for keeping it real, Emily! I return to work in 2 weeks and really wish the dress code included a moomoo! I still have AT LEAST 20 pounds to shred before any of my pre-pregger clothes fit!

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