Sweet Pea.

My sweet Meyer is such a sweet pea…butter bean…baby doll…and about a million other pet names I call her throughout the day. She is seriously the sweetest + happiest baby I’ve ever met. So blessed! Sure, some of that has to do with her DNA and just who she is, but I’m sure a lot of it has to do with me finally chilling out and not being a stressed out mama like I was with my first two! Third times a charm, right? I can’t believe Meyer is 12 weeks old today (which I just realized!)! The funny thing is, I told someone today that she was 9 weeks old! Ha! Maybe I’ve chilled out too much…I can’t even keep track of how old she is! šŸ™‚

Dear Meyer, at 12 weeks here are a few things I love about you…

  • You are a smiley baby! I love how big you smile when I get you up from your naps.
  • You love to be talked and sung to
  • You coo and “talk” back when I talk or sing to you.
  • You love baths and never cry during bath time
  • Your smile seriously melts my heart and lights up a room! I can’t get enough of it!
  • Evyn learned to say your name this week… “Miiiiiiiiiiiiii-YOURE”. And she likes to say it loud and often.
  • Nash ADORES you! You are the only one he will share his doggie with. He slides it through the slats on your crib so you can hold it during your nap for a few minutes.
  • Last week we went to your 2 month appointment and got your first shots. Yuck, no fun! But you did great! And like a true Vogeltanz, you were 95th percentile in height & weight. (and someday when I find the sheet that the doctor wrote your stats on, which I probably threw away, I’ll come back here and write how much you weighed and how tall you were. Sorry babe!)

oh so kissable!

love those cheeks!


Bandaid legs. Ouch! šŸ˜¦

Your brother loves you...really loves you!

You are so loved little one!



4 thoughts on “Sweet Pea.

  1. Em- you are so right about the third one, such a breeze compared to the first two. Dr. D helps too! Can’t wait to meet sweet little Meyer.

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