Hello Thirty-One!


I turned 31 today! Wow. I’m officially closer to 40 than 20. When did I get so old?? I still think of myself as a silly 23 year kid. I’m not sad about turning 31…I like getting older, it just kind of surprises me that I’m this “old”! For crying out loud, the alternative is being dead, so I’ll be happy with just getting older!

I’ve had a great birthday! Last night I made Filet Au Poivre for my family birthday dinner, which was divine. Highly recommend! The Pioneer Woman never lets me down. I’m pretty sure we would be best friends because I always laugh at her jokes in her cookbooks and she adores butter almost as much as I do. What more could you ask for in a friendship?

I got some fabulous gifts from my husband and family. (I’m fluent in all Five Love Languages, including “gifts”. No shame in that! 🙂 ) Running shoes was the most exciting gift. I’ve got to figure out how to get my bod back into shape post baby, so, I’m going to try running! But that is a post for another day. First thing I have to do is stop cooking Pioneer Woman recipes!  Maybe we can’t be best friends after all. Her food is good for my soul, but not so good for my postpartum waistline! 🙂

To celebrate today, Bryson took me out to lunch, then to the fabulous Parish coffee shop which I adore. Then we finished the day by worshipping with our church family at Passion City Church. It was a fantastic day!

Hello, Thirty-One! I think you look good on me! You are  full of potential, adventures, and new possibilities. Grateful to God for another year!


Meyer, you top the list of this year's sweetest gifts in my life!


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