Saying Goodbye…

It’s been a looooooong week.

Watching intently the arrival of the moving trucks/pods. Obviously you can tell by Evyn's hair what a long week it was! Hair care is one of the casualties during moving week! Sorry Ev!

Packing sucks. Moving is exhausting. Saying goodbye is hard.

But we survived. The boxes (and boxes and boxes and boxes) are packed. The keys to our house handed over to the new owner. And goodbyes have been said.

I’m pooped.

We celebrated one of our last nights at home with the kids first ever “movie + popcorn” nite. (confession, it wasn’t really a movie…just a 30 minute episode of Thomas the Train, same difference, right? This mama couldn’t handle a whole movie, I needed to get to bed!)

She loved popcorn. No surprise there!

Sweet boy.

Fun had by all. Though this picture doesn't really convey that...everyone looks pretty bored. But trust me. It was fun. Especially the eating of the popcorn part.

My Ode To Athens:

Athens, you have been good to us. You are forever a part of our hearts and story. Walking away from something so good is almost impossible, but we take the next step knowing that God is leading us on another faith journey with Him. A big piece of our heart will remain here in Athens and with our Athens Church family. No doubt we will look back on these years with joy and gratitude! What an honor to be a part of a ministry that God is using to bring life change! What a joy to have made such amazing friends in our 6 years here. What a blessing it has been to call this place home. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for all the Lord has done…and we take the next step with expectant hearts for what He will do next! So long…


1 thought on “Saying Goodbye…

  1. Em- I am sad!!! I am very teary right now thinking about how I will miss seeing your sweet face around! I am excited for you guys but very sad at the same time. We love you guys!

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