As told by Nash…

I daily find myself laughing at something Nash says. Life through the lens of a 3 year old is hilarious. I have got to do better about writing down the things this kid says! Here is our conversation on the way home from church today…The story of the prodigal son as told by Nash:

Me: “Nash, what was the story about at church today?”

Nash: “Um, It was about a boy…a boy who ran away from his dada and took all his money. And the dada gave him a big hug.”

Me: (I talk for a bit about how God always loves us and no matter what God will always love Nash…etc.)

Nash: [LONG THOUGHTFUL PAUSE]Yeah, someday mama, I’m going to run away with Meyer and take all my dada’s money!”

Hmm,  apparently we are going to have to work on explaining the application of this story a little better! 🙂







1 thought on “As told by Nash…

  1. Love how our churches use the same curriculum each week in kids’ ministry! Our conversation with Braden during lunch started out much the same as the one you had with Nash…EXCEPT Braden chose to focus on a different part of the story. He promised us that he wouldn’t take all of Dad’s money b/c he didn’t want to eat pig food! Yes, we should write these things down! Praying for y’all in your move to ATL!

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