It’s been a crazy few weeks around here, but my heart has never been so full and my spirit so alive! Our days at Passion 2011 were AWEsome. I mean that word in it’s truest form. God blew us away! We stood (and continue to stand) in AWE of Him. Jesus’ name was magnified in those days by the voices and lives of 20,000+ college students. It was powerful. I really can’t even begin to put words around it.

My role in the gathering was to design and implement the Do Something Now experience. Here we challenged students to wed worship with justice and give financially towards 10 causes. What happened was a beautiful display of worship. The goal we set before the students was lofty, but we were confident they could reach it. Not only did they reach the goal, they DOUBLED it! “Poor” college students gave over $1.1 MILLION dollars in 4 days!! CRAZY! Having a sideline view of the students as they responded was one of the most powerful and humbling experiences of my life. It is true that none of us alone can tackle the massive injustice and poverty that shatters so many, but TOGETHER we are a force for good! Here is what the students gave…

  • Homeless//Gave 18,400 towels and 88,000 pairs of socks to Atlanta area homeless shelters
  • Clean water//Funded 24 clean water wells in villages in India
  • Micro-finance//387 small business loans for Afghan entrepreneurs
  • Bibles//Gave + sent 31,554 Bibles to rural and unreached regions of Colombia
  • Feeding Children//Fed 2,225 vulnerable and orphaned children in the South Africa for one year
  • Homes//Funded 39 homes for families affected by the earthquake in Haiti.
  • Sponsor Children//442 children sponsored through Compassion
  • Sex Slavery//Funded the restoration for 22 girls released from sex slavery in Bolivia
  • Surgeries for Children//Funded 141 Hydrocephalus surgeries for babies in Uganda
  • Stop Human Trafficking//Funded 29 rescue operations in Cebu, Philipines to release women and children trapped in sex slavery.
  • Plus, provided a College fund for Haitian earthquake survivor, Therissa Leo. Given:$23,106!
Total Given at Passion 2011 Atlanta: $1,167,249.24

“For us at Passion, being a movement for Jesus means loving the things He loves and moving where He moves in an effort to make Him happy and bring His light and love to all people of the world.  Knowing that Jesus always moves to the weak, the poor, the prisoner and to those without a voice, Do Something Now has become a vital part of the fabric of every Passion gathering.” I am so honored to be a part of this JESUS MOVEMENT. To His name be all Glory!


3 thoughts on “Jesus!

  1. AMEN. God is so good. I still cant believe how much money was raised. And the go center looked incredible. Thanks for all your hard work, the environment you created made such an impact on everyone I talked to about it. (I personally loved the water bottle wall and the prayer room!):)

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