Today we celebrate the moment Evyn was first placed in our arms, her Gotcha Day. We will remember and recognize God’s goodness in bringing us to our precious daughter/sister one year ago today and the journey that brought us to her, and her to us. December 27, 2009 was an incredible day for our little family! I’ll never forget the overwhelming emotions of meeting our daughter for the first time. Oh the emotions! Evyn was 6 months old on her Gotcha Day. Now, 12 months later she is a vibrant, passionate, full of life + love, and snuggles 18 month old “big girl”. Oh how a year changes things!

I praise God for this child! I believe more than ever that He hand picked Evyn and placed her in our family. I believe He has great plans for her life and will use her for His glory! Thank you God for giving us Evyn Olivia!

If you have never considered adoption, I challenge you to ask God how adoption can be a part of your family’s story. Whether that means cheering on friends who have been called to adopt, financially supporting families in the adoption process, or opening your hearts and home to a child in need of a forever family, each are amazing opportunities for you to consider!

And just like last year, Bryson and I are headed to Passion 2011!  This time I will have a different baby strapped to me while I work to create the DO SOMETHING NOW part of the conference. Praying for amazing days and incredible awakening in the hearts of the 20,000 students attending the gathering. Join me in praying!!




2 thoughts on “GOTCHA DAY!!!!

  1. Hey Emily! SO SO fun catching up on what you all have been up to!! Busy busy busy!!! I’ve been on a blog sabbatical so I’ve missed all the new happenings in your family! Congrats on your adorable little baby…and now moving and WOW!!!!! We send our love to you all and thought of you of course on gotcha day here. Will forever be thankful for your capturing those first moments. 🙂


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