Favorite things…

I have discovered something that I just had to share with you other busy people. I am terrible about journaling, writing down the funny things my kids say, keeping track of milestones, etc. Blogging helps, but I have dreams of having bookshelves of journals of my life for my children to read one day…well on second thought, maybe I don’t really want that? But I do want to be able to look back and celebrate the past, what the Lord has done in our family, remember the little (and big) hurdles that we jumped, and celebrate the victories and funny moments of life. I tried the 10-year Journal for awhile, which is really fun and easy way to journal since it just gives you a few lines for each day. But somehow it too just gathered dust on my bedside table. Soooooo….I just came across this really cool thing called OhLife.com. Basically you just sign up then every night at 8pm it sends you an email that says, “Tell me about your day”. You just click reply and write about your day. It can be a sentence or a novel. Then you just send it and OhLife.com keeps it until you are ready to to print your journal. And it’s free and completely private. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks and I’m loving how easy it is.

So there you go. Check it out. They didn’t pay me anything to write this…I just love when you find something that is simple, helpful, free, and works. I just had to pass it on!


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