Week One.

Baby girl, It’s already been a week since you entered the world! Oh how we have loved getting to know you and love you. I must kiss you a thousand times a day!

Here is my top 10 from the week:

  1. Bryson driving like a mad man to the hospital. He’s such a good dad!
  2. Delivering you natural…it was tough, but so worth it!
  3. The hospital stay…it was like a mini vacation!
  4. Dinners dropped off each night from friends. Such a blessing!
  5. Nash’s funny comments about you. (He told me yesterday he would like 2 Meyers!)
  6. Dr. Denmark schedule.
  7. Bryson sleeping on the couch…so he can get some rest and you and I have girl time. 🙂
  8. The way Evyn wants to try to hold and pat you.
  9. Learning to breastfeed (ugh!)
  10. Your funny faces and sweet smile after you eat

The days may be long, but the years are short.


3 thoughts on “Week One.

  1. Could you possibly do a post on Dr. Denmark and how you decided to use her techniques? A few of the important details and how they have worked for you? I read a lot of the information on the link you provided but still would love to know more. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide!

    • Hey Megan.
      I learned about Denmark from several family friends who I admire and had raised their children following Dr. D’s wisdom. I was skeptical at first, but the more I read about it, the more it just felt like the right plan for my family to follow. It’s certainly not for everyone and goes against a lot of techniques taught these days, but it’s tried and true and it works. I love that Dr. D saw more than 250,000 babies in her time as a doctor over 75 years…so I just trust that she knows what she is talking about! 🙂 The biggest thing about Denmark is the idea of sticking to a schedule (much like Baby Wise teaches). She teaches that children feel most secure when there is a consistent schedule and they know what to expect. So it doesn’t mean you have to stick to her exact schedule she suggests, but just finding a pattern that works for your family and being consistent. I could write a ton about it, but you should just check out the book: Dr. Denmark Said It. It lays out the schedule and explains the why behind it.
      Hope that helps a little. I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have.


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