Full moon.

I’m just sitting here wondering if I can WILL myself into labor early? Power of positive thinking?? 🙂 It is a full moon tonight, so I have that going for me. My due date is still 2.5 weeks away, but at my last check up the baby is in position, I’m 2cm dialated, and 60% effaced. That’s progress people! I’ve been in baby mode the past week. I can’t seem to remember anything about labor and delivery so I’ve been reading up on it and trying to mentally prepare. For those who don’t really know me, I’m not a granola hippy, but Lord willing, my plan is to have this baby natural (in the hospital). I was able to go natural with Nash and it was a really amazing experience. I would love to have a similar experience with Baby 3. I have Doula who helps coach me through the labor (Bryson loves having someone else to help too!) and she is amazing. We met this past week and talked through “the plan”. My doula is actually retiring and I will be her last delivery. That’s kind of an honor! Also this week, I took a tour of the hospital and even packed my hospital bag. I’m feeling prepared…kind of.

We should play a game…

Any guesses when Baby V will make it’s grand entrance?

Leave the date and time in the comment section.



11 thoughts on “Full moon.

  1. Hi there! I have been following your blog for many months now and just wanted to tell you what an inspiration your family has been to mine! God used your Gotcha Day video to touch our hearts and to help confirm his will for us to adopt our daughter from
    Ethiopia! Just last week we recieved our acceptance call from AGCI into the Ethiopia adoption program! We are thrilled! This will be our first daughter! We have three sons! Would love to chat with you sometime! God bless your sweet family! (:

  2. Were you early/late with Nash?

    I’m saying December 5th at 9AM. Not because I WANT you to last until then, but because I’ve found it’s easier to aim low and be pleasantly surprised as far as baby due dates are concerned 🙂

    • My theory too. Low expectations…High Joy! 🙂
      But I did go to the doctor today and I’m now 3cm dilated and 70% effaced. He said he thinks I will be seeing him for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. We shall see!!

      • Oh, I hope he’s right! If he’s not, you can console yourself with the trend that 40 weekers are better sleepers and eaters than those who are a bit earlier. Silver lining 🙂

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