We just returned home from a week at Disney World with the whole Vogeltanz crew.

Disney,  you are fun, magical, and very happy…but you are also so very exhausting! Whew! Here are some pictures from our week…

getting ready for his first ever ride...DUMBO!

one of the very few rides I could go on! Nash LOVED the Dumbo ride!

Mimi and Evyn...these two love each other! (Evyn LOVED the rides!)

Racecars with Dad!

Best buddies...

Where to next??

Waaaaayyyyy too pregnant. I missed out on all the good rides but enjoyed my fair share of ice cream and funnel cakes instead.

I think I see something! (dont you love his new Ordinary Hero t-shirt!?)

Best attempt at a family picture. My kids never smile for the camera! What's the deal??

Mimi + Pop Pop with the grandkids.

Nash was a wild man all week. Stimulation OVERLOAD! It's a trip he will be talking about for months and months!

Lookin' good girl...


2 thoughts on “Disney.

  1. Great pictures… Do you think your kids were old enough to enjoy it? A and I really want to take the girls but don’t want to do it if they are too young!

    • Bryson and I were talking about that on the way home. I think we would wait a few more years. It was really exhausting having 2 little ones and Nash was still too little to enjoy a lot of the rides and shows (some of them are pretty dark and scared him). Plus having to go back to the hotel for naps in the middle of the day made it tough too. We probably wouldn’t go back until our youngest is 4 or 5 and can really appreciate it. (plus I was prego…so that may have affected the overall experience 🙂 )

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