Little friends

Our family has been on a Disney adventure this week with the whole Vogeltanz crew (Thanks Mimi + Pop Pop!). While we were in the area we got to meet up with our friends The B family with whom we traveled to Ethiopia last December to pick up our daughters. It was so fun to see the B family and to snap a few pictures of our girls together again! Little Miss K is adorable and Nash simply ADORED her! Evyn wasn’t so sure about the meeting and just kept giving Miss K “the look” (as you will see in the pictures!). I am so grateful for this friendship and the shared experience of picking up our daughters together at Hannah’s Hope. It’s my hope that we will have opportunities to reconnect with the B Family for years to come so our daughters (and us big kids!) can grow as friends!

This picture sums up Nash's whole experience at Disney World this week. He is a wild man! How sweet are those B girls!?

Another attempt at a group photo

Here we are on Gotcha Day…Us meeting Evyn for the first time and the B family in the background meeting Miss K for the first time…

Sweet memories.



5 thoughts on “Little friends

  1. Oh wow, I love that last picture! Will never forget that day. . .
    And you got some cute ones at Animal Kingdom, too! We had so much fun hanging with your fam! I do hope we are able to get our families and especially our little Ethiopian daughters together many more times in the years to come. Such a special, special connection they have
    Looking forward to seeing you at the retreat! Will be in touch!

  2. How fun!! When we were in FL in Sept, we also met up with the B Family!! LOVED the last photo- truly a special moment shared for your families! and now to see them together again!!

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