Sibling lovin’

I have been so encouraged by the way Nash and Evyn have really turned a corner and are so loving towards one another. Sure, Nash is too rough with her 99% of the time and knocks her over, takes her toys, makes her cry. But he really does love her to pieces. He’s always talking to her, trying to make her laugh, and kissing all over her! Evyn used to scream whenever he came to close, but she’s really taken to her big brother in the last month or so. “NaNa” is one of the first things she asks for in the morning and giggles like crazy when she hears him coming down the hall to her room! I’m so grateful. I love siblings. I love how Nash has nicknamed her “sister bear”, “baby”, “Ev”, and sometimes even calls her “Evyn Olivia Vogeltanz” (usually when he is trying to “parent” her). I love how he is her protector. And I think it is precious that he always wants to make sure Evyn is coming along with us to the grocery, to church, to wherever we go (of course she is! Not sure why he thinks I’m gonna leave her, but it’s sweet.).

I pray they become the dearest of friends as they grow older. That when they are in high school Evyn will look up to her brother and Nash will dote on her and always stand up for her (or her for him!). When they are 30 years old they will talk on the phone and laugh and share life together with their young families. I love that picture of siblings loving each other as friends, not just family. Praying and believing that for all my children.



1 thought on “Sibling lovin’

  1. I just left a comment on Lovin’ Much blog when I saw yours with the sibling love title….one of the many blessings of adoption for us has been watching our children all love one another equally. Even their sibling that hasn’t come home yet!!! It truly is a miracle how God bonds families together with adoption!!

    The pictures of your children are adorable. They look pretty close in age. Our girls are 3 months apart–and now that they are older, they are the best of buddies…..most of the time!! 🙂

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