The many faces of Evyn

At 15 months, Evyn is full of PASSION! She is a woman with a mind and opinion of her own. Most days I’m convinced she is 1 going on 16. Each morning, the first thing out of her mouth is asking for “osh” (shoes). The next thing she asks for is “wawa” (water), then “eeeee, peeees” (Eat, please?). Every morning is exactly the same and always makes me smile. She is such a morning baby and talks (well tries to talk) ALL DAY LONG. She is also hearing the “no” word a lot these days as she pushes the envelope on everything to see how far she can get away with things (and is quite dramatic when the answer is still “no”. Have the terrible twos already started??!). We are grateful that she is healthy as a can be. We just had her 15-month check up and she is 95% in both height and weight…just like her brother.

As you can see in the pictures, she LOVES accessories! Hats, bows, flowers, bracelets, shoes, getting her hair styled and even loves wearing far-too-small-Mr.Potato Head glasses. Evyn loves to wear anything! And we love laughing at her silliness.

Happy Monday friends!



3 thoughts on “The many faces of Evyn

  1. Wow, it sounds like Johnny and Evyn are very much the same. Johnny’s first word was Osh and he insists on having them on as soon as he wakes up. He is also a morning baby, insists on eating as soon as he wakes up, and is pushing his limits and throws little baby tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. Full pouty lip, big tears and all. So fun!!

    • glad to know we aren’t alone! 🙂 They seem like they would be the best of buddies! I was looking through my Ethiopia pictures and found a few pics of Johnny at HH. I’m happy to email those to you…send me an email and I will email them to you. emily at athens church dot com


  2. I have a picture of Leo wearing those little glasses too…what is it about those Mr. Potato Head glasses that makes kids want to cram their faces in them?? So funny! =)

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