Land of the Free

A little factoid about me….I am hugely patriotic. My husband is always laughing at me because I’m the kind of girl who cries at fireworks displays, gets goosebumps when I hear the national anthem, LOVE cheering for the USA during the Olympics, and always make a big a deal about putting our American flag out on Memorial Day and taking it down at the end of summer. I’m just so grateful to be an American. I don’t believe we are the best or have it all together by any means…I’ve just seen a lot and traveled to many corners of this world and while I love learning and celebrating new cultures, I always come home grateful for this land I love.

I finally got around to taking down the flag this week and my little helper, Nash, had a blast marching around the yard with it. I had to teach him some flag etiquette which sparked so many funny questions about what the flag was for and about America. I love how curious he is (though exhausting at times!) and most of all, I love teaching him how to be grateful for all we have been given.


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