Hand me down’s…

As the 4th kid in a big family, I grew up wearing the hand me down’s of my sister and (to my dismay) my brothers. I remember the changing of seasons as a big event where we would open the attic and dump bins of last years clothes on the floor where my mom would sit and sort through what items would fit what kid. I have good memories of that sorting process and the excitment of scoring some of my big sisters’ “cool” clothes that she had outgrown. I can also feel the burn in my nose from the strong smell of moth balls that filled the bottom of the bins. Do people even use moth balls anymore?

We had a “hand me down” moment this weekend as I was sorting through the kids closets to make room for fall clothes. Nash wanted Evyn to wear his old football jersey and she asked to put on his old pair of much-too-big-for-her tennis shoes (yes, I swear she can communicate her desire to wear shoes. It’s amazing.). She looked very tom-boy, but of course, still super cute.


4 thoughts on “Hand me down’s…

  1. ahem. as president of the my baby had a bow in her hair 5 min after i met/held her association i hereby cite you with a citation of failure to adorn your baby’s hair for the 3rd sighting as of late!!!!!!
    jk jk
    this pregnant mama needs a citation for trying to use yesterdays french braids for a 3 day long look by a little spritz and conditioner!!
    love these pics. priceless.

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